RIKING Electronic Bill Management Platform , to assist the construction of a new generation bill business system!

Policy background

On May 18, 2021, the ticket exchange [2021] No. 55 issued the business plan of the new generation bill business system and the direct interface specification v1.0 of the new generation bill business system. In order to further improve the operation efficiency of the system and enhance the user experience, Shanghai stock exchange plans to comprehensively optimize and upgrade the electronic commercial bill system (hereinafter referred to as ECDs) and China bill trading system (hereinafter referred to as trading system), and build a new generation bill business system (hereinafter referred to as new system) carrying the full life cycle business function of bills.

On July 6, 2021, the bill exchange [2021] No. 67 issued the engineering plan for the new generation bill business system and the business arrangement for the market promotion period of the new generation bill business system. The notice requires all market members to speed up the construction of the new system of the organization according to the project implementation plan, do a good job in system development, joint commissioning and testing, and complete the online production as planned. Ring electronic bill management platform came into being.

Product Overview

RIKING electronic bill management platform (hereinafter referred to as RIKING_ebmp) is based on the bill business system scheme and direct interface specification requirements of Shanghai Stock Exchange, through the demand research of many banks, financial companies, securities companies and other financial institutions, and absorbs many years of bill implementation experience. The function design is carried out from multiple dimensions, such as participant management, system parameter management, public business management, bill business function, clearing and settlement, batch task, reconciliation management, exception handling, error emergency handling, query statistics and so on. Its function covers the whole process of bill business, supports flexible and personalized transformation of institutions, and connects with related systems in the bank conveniently and quickly.

Technical proposal

The platform adopts B / S architecture design and Java Web application system based on J2EE. The front end uses mainstreamVueLayUIHTMLCSSJAVA SCRIPT technologies. The back-end service adopts mature spring boot and Hibernate framework, and adopts hierarchical design pattern (MVC), so that the system has high flexibility, high scalability and robustness. Support OracleMysqlDB2 and other mainstream database storage. Compatible with EdgeIEGoogle and other browsers.

Supporting facilities of bill platform

New generation electronic bill direct connection management platform

Electronic ticket online banking system

Ticket exchange simulation system

Bill business model

1) A complete bill ecosystem supports the same transaction of ECDS bills, differentiated bills, zero bills and supply chain bills.

2) Diversified bill business scenarios provide emerging bill businesses such as Bill pool financing, discount pass, bill pay pass, standardized bill, guaranteed discount and pledge, and centralized cashing.

3) Provide online services of e-ticket (online express Invoicing, online express discount financing, online express pledge financing), automatic customer service, etc.

System features

1) Flexible and configurable business rules

2) Strong risk control and early warning mechanism

3) Configurable accounting processing mechanism

4) Convenient query statistical report

5) Perfect data migration scheme

6) Perfect anomaly monitoring and remedy mechanism

7) Friendly human-computer interaction

8) Timely and diversified message reminder

9) Superb technical and business team

10) Good implementation and after-sales service

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