EAST5.0 officially released! Re upgrading of regulatory data governance equipment

Policy background

On January 30, 2022, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission officially issued the notice of the general office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on printing and distributing the regulatory data standardization specification of banking financial institutions (version 2021) (hereinafter referred to as the specification), which is published in east4 0. In order to further promote the scientific and technological capacity-building of system supervision, the cbcirc gives full play to the effective role of regulatory standardized data in preventing financial risks and promoting the data governance and compliance development of banking financial institutions. The specification requires that the first submission date is May 18, 2022, and the supplementary submission shall be completed within the remaining 100 days. It puts forward higher requirements for the bank's financial statistics mechanism and scientific and technological capacity-building in terms of comprehensively mastering the system requirements of the specification, implementing the responsibilities and business processes of the front office department and data production department, analyzing the satisfaction of the information system, data collection logic design and development, data result verification and so on.

The revised contents of the specification are as follows:

I. Applicable institutions:

II. Data structure:

1. Changes in overall subject areas, data tables and data items:

2. EAST5.0 data sheet changes:

III. Submission requirements:

1. It is divided into centralized collection and continuous collection

Centralized collection:

First centralized submission date: May 18, 2022

Status supplementary report: December 19, June December 20, June December 21, and the end of April 22;

Supplement the data occurred since January 1 of 20 years for details;

Continuous acquisition:

Before the 18th of each month (postponed in case of holidays)

2. Submission content requirements:

The submission list of regulatory standardization data and the inspection results and filing form of regulatory standardization data shall be submitted at the same time when submitting each phase of data;

3. Add specific submission requirements:

For the filling of [detailed account No.] and [detailed account name], the filling requirements are clarified according to the actual business bookkeeping situation. They are the main accounts associated with the business data. If the same data involves multiple accounts, only the main accounting accounts pointed to by the business are submitted, and they are not used as the inspection classification indicators for the total score check;

For some data items that cannot be filled in with enumerated values, banks are allowed to customize them and fill in them in the format of "other - user defined content";

IV. Data verification:

1. The specification simultaneously issued the inspection rules for the standardization of regulatory data of banking financial institutions (version 2021), with a total of 3283 articles, which are divided into strong verification and weak verification:

Strong verification: as the basic rule of data warehousing, if the strong verification rules are not passed, the reason shall be explained in the inspection results and filing form of regulatory standardized data;

Weak verification: if it fails, it is not mandatory to explain the reasons in the regulatory standardized data verification results and filing form. Banking institutions need to check and make up for deficiencies by themselves and should make corrections as much as possible;

2. Inspection type:

3. Cross check:

The code requires banks to strengthen the cross verification of East data, 1104 data, customer risk data and other regulatory data with the data of the bank's business system;

V. Data sheet submission requirements:

Product advantages

1. Meet the submission requirements

Built in a variety of verification rules, supporting regulatory verification, user-defined verification and prompt verification.

Regulatory data standard specification design

Support multiple submission and latest coverage submission of submitted data.

2. Modular configurable

Verification formula configuration

Configuration of review process

Form content configuration

Automatic task configuration

Workflow configuration

3. Convenient for users

One stop layout;

Submit tasks for unified monitoring and processing

Clear prompt of calibration results; Batch modification;

Email notification

4. The whole process can be checked

Historical traces of data modification

Historical traces of data processing

Data export record

Task execution record

5. Data quality monitoring

Source data quality monitoring

Reporting data quality monitoring

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